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Privacy Policy

In the following, “you/your” refers to you, the website user, and “we/us/our” means OurDesiWorld.com and its parent company, Cymran, LLC.


We will never reveal or sell any information we have about you to any third party without your knowledge and consent, except as required by law, or if required by law enforcement or judicial entities.  What that means is if we receive court subpoenas, search warrants, or other judicial-looking documents, or if the police or the Feds show up at our door, we will sing like canaries.

Also, in a situation where failure to reveal information will lead to imminent harm to you or others, we will not hold back.

Collection and Use of Information

In general, we will collect and use information that can identify you to provide you service and solve any problems relating to our service.

In cases where you have contacted us directly, we will respond to you directly as needed.  For any subscription services or other website resources where a user account is needed (for example, the Forum, or a Directory listing requested by you), you will receive notifications from and about those services and resources.  We may also send important notifications relating to website service.

While we will use customer-identifiable information to advertise products and services to you, please rest assured that such communication will only come from us, or if you have specifically allowed us to – which is called “opting in” – from our authorized partner companies.  To reiterate, we will not share your information with any third party without your knowledge or consent.  Of course, you can specifically ask us to not get in touch with you for the purpose of marketing – which is referred to as “opting out” – in which case we will absolutely respect your wishes.

Account Information Maintenance

For receiving notifications relating to both account/subscription-based services, as well as opt-in services, it is your responsibility to ensure that your contact information (name, address, email, etc.) that we have on file with us is accurate and kept updated.

Information Security

Our hosting service has state-of-the-art technology and safety features to ensure the confidentiality of information on its network. In addition, we have strict operations guidelines in our own company to make certain customer privacy is secured at all levels of the organization. We will continue to modify policies and implement additional security features as new technologies become accessible.



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