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Spicing It Up
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By The Khan Owl   

The Khan OwlDear Kitab,

First time living in an apartment without ammi's cooking is definitely not a joke. I used to hate eating chicken karhai or korma. I remember ammi warning me that once I go to college, I will miss all of the desi khana. I thought Noodles & Company, Pizza Hut and Subway would suffice. Boy was I wrong. White food is too bland. No flavor. Wait a minute...did I just really say that?! I am talking like a brownie. Noooo. *Sigh* Time to embrace it? Maybe?

Handi Gosht - Take 1!Anyways, so today I really really wanted to eat Handi Gosht. When I crave something, I need it ASAP. I looked up the closest Indian store (time to smell like I'm in Mumbai or something. Three showers after it, should get rid of the smell...). From there, I recognized a Handi Gosht spice packet from Shan. I remember my parents talking about how Shan had saved so many college students from misery (my fate better be the same...).

I cleaned out all the fat from the chicken and started cooking. I made sure the windows were open and the exhaust was on high. No way would I allow my place to smell like brown. The chicken began to look like what I had seen in the picture from some cooking website online. Taking out frozen naan and heating that. I began to eat my very first desi food. It actually didn't taste that bad. Who would've thought that the child who's parents had no hope for (in terms of cooking), would actually come through. I began to smile because not only did I manage to cook, but I also proved my parents wrong. Hahaaa!

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