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Blogs - Life, Loss and What I Ate
By OurDesiWorld   

Sahar AliIt was Sahar Ali’s love of writing that opened up career choices for her in journalism and development communication. Sahar has spent her 20-year career working for The News and Khaleej Times newspapers and non-government development organizations IUCN, The Asia Foundation and Panos South Asia.

During these two decades she continued writing freelance for various Pakistani and international publications, and even did short stints on radio (Cloud 89 on City FM 89) and television (The First Blast on Dawn News).

She wrote the unexpectedly popular SWOT Column in Dawn chronicling her life as a single woman over thirty (that’s what SWOT spells) in Pakistan.

Now married, a mother, and newly migrated to the US, Sahar is on a whole new adventure. Life now bears no resemblance to the footloose and fancy free existence she led in Pakistan as a single working woman, but her blog celebrates the two constants in her life, her love of food and writing.


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