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My reawakening
Blogs - Diary Of A Desi Single Mom
By Desi Single Mom   

Desi Single MomLast night, I was watching a morning show (it was night for me, but morning in Pakistan) run by one of the largest television channels in Pakistan.

When the host began by saying that this was day three of their weeklong special on women’s issues, I was very sorry that I hadn’t watched or recorded the last two. I have the kids with me on weekdays, so I usually don’t watch live – but have recorded the shows occasionally because I’m a fan of the host. Recently, he brought a matchmaker on the show to help arrange marriages, which is why I stopped recording. I’m sure anyone that knows of my experience with arranged marriages would understand why. Unfortunately, because of my revulsion to that topic, I ended up missing out on one I would have loved to watch.

Occasionally, I have been tempted to call into live shows and have successfully resisted the urge. This time I was unable to stop myself from sending an e-mail to the program’s address.

This morning, I woke up to find a reply in my inbox! The e-mail turned out to be a reply from the associate producer of the show with a phone number and a request to call him. I thought they probably want me to be one of the callers for tomorrow’s show- so I called to see what the options were, without revealing my identity. I was even more surprised when he said he would like to collaborate with me to help with women’s issues in this part of the world!

We ended the conversation with him saying he would be discussing our conversation with the host and they would get in touch with me. I am excited about the prospect of working with one of the biggest Pakistani channels, to voice the issues of women in our society, that would be awesome!

Even if it doesn’t happen, it got me motivated to start my blog again. I want to make a difference. The way our women are treated is not the way our religion teaches us. It is not the way of educated people. I want to help change that. By the time my daughters grow up, I hope the people from my generation have taken the necessary steps to get women the respect they deserve.

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